As well as providing customers with fantastic deals on our wide array of grade A part worn tyres we also provide a wide range of mechanical services at affordable costs and of exceptional quality.


Our main area of expertise is definitely tyres. We have over 1,000 grade A part worn tyres in stock at any given time. Due to the amount of tyres we can store we have a large variety of brands and sizes at great prices.


Your vehicle's wheels can quickly become misaligned. When you hit a curb or a pothole, your wheels may become misaligned, causing your car to pull to one side and your tyres to wear unevenly. Our specialists  will adjust your wheels with precise accuracy using our highly accurate wheel alignment equipment. 


If you believe your vehicle's battery isn't performing as it should, contact the professionals at Tyre Direct. Our specialists will analyse the voltage output and charging rate of this critical piece of equipment to assess its health and determine whether it is likely to fail soon.


Brakes that are in good working order are vital for the safe operation of your vehicle. Simply call in in if you're worried about the performance of your brakes or would like them tested before a lengthy trip or a MOT and our specialists will gladly do a no-obligation brake examination.


Regular maintenance will help keep your vehicle in top shape and enhance its value if you ever decide to sell it. For more information give our friendly team a call.


Regular suspension health checks can assist to detect and address steering and suspension faults before they become serious, protecting your vehicle and ensuring a smooth driving experience. If you schedule a suspension inspection with us, one of our specialists will examine your vehicle, identify any problems, and offer a detailed report, as well as a transparent estimate for any suggested repair.


Simply pay us a visit if you're having issues with your exhaust or catalytic converter. Our specialists will do a free inspection to determine what is causing the problems and what steps may be taken to resolve them.