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You don't need us to tell you how important the breaks are in your vehicle but here are some ways to identify if you need your vehicle's brakes checking or changing.

Grinding is a sign that your brake pads are wearing thin. Some pads without electric sensors have a small contact grand plate designed to touch against the disk upon breaking, this is to let the driver know that there pads are close requiring a change.

Squeaking is usually a sign that a brake caliper is seized and is holding the pad partially against the disk. It can also be a build up of “scale” around the outer of the disks.

Pedal Pulsating when braking is a sign of a warped disk/disks. This can occur due to overheating of the braking system due to all manor of things such as seized calipers etc.

Dashboard Lights or error messages are the vehicle's electronic systems letting you know that it's time for your brakes to be changed or that there is an issue. Always best to get this checked out ASAP.

Pulling left or right upon breaking is a sign that one side of the vehicle's braking system is working more effectively than the other. This can occur for a variety of reasons i.e seized pads or calipers.

Spongy or a sinking brake pedal can be an indication that air has entered the brake lines somewhere and the system is in need of “bleeding” to purge the air trapped within the system.

Soft/ No Brake pedal is a very dangerous sign and it is advisable not to drive the vehicle as it's likely a failure of the master cylinder or that there is an excessive leak somewhere in the system.

Should you experience any of these issues with your vehicle then feel free to contact us or pop by for some friendly advice.