The suspension system in your car is made up of several separate components that work together to decrease vibrations caused by uneven road surfaces. Driving a car without this system would be pretty unpleasant.

A shock absorber, also known as a dampener, and a spring are part of your suspension system. These elements work together to cushion the vehicle by absorbing the impact of road imperfections like potholes. As a direct result, your tyres are able to maintain contact with the road surface, allowing your brakes to operate more efficiently.


There are a few indicators that your suspension system is in need of some Attention. Excessive steering play, a clunking noise while travelling over bumps, and a creaking sounds when the vehicle is in motion, particularly when turning, are all examples. If you experience any of these indications, it's possible that your vehicle's suspension needs to be replaced or repaired.

Suspension parts, on the other hand, might wear out gradually over time, so you may not notice any changes in your suspension's performance. As a result, it is not always evident when a problem has arisen.

If you suspect a problem with your suspension system, come in today and one of our skilled technicians will examine your car and offer a detailed report. Any faults with your suspension system that have been discovered will be explained to you by a member of our staff, and if necessary, we will give you with a clear estimate for any recommended work.